Gymnastics Express are thrilled to introduce our Manique RAINBOW RANGE of colours!

The RAINBOW RANGE allows you to choose from thirteen different colours to kit out:
Unique A Bar Guards
, PRO Palm Guards, PRO Bar Loops and (coming soon) Pouches!

What’s even more exciting is that the coloured straps on each item aren’t fixed. This means that you can order multiple colours and easily swap straps on that item, to match your gymwear, mood or club colours…
The only question now is… which colour(s) do you want? 🙂

Find out more about each of the products in the Manique Rainbow Range, here:

Single straps, which you can mix/change with your main product’s straps, can be found on these pages:

Manique PRO Palm Guard Accessory Straps

Manique Unique PRO A Bar Accessory Straps

NOTE: We even offer Wristbands in some of the colours too, (though the tints don’t match the Rainbow Range exactly due to the manufacturing process).